General Civil Litigation

Common civil matter include business torts, civil rights, product liability, and malpractice. Civil matters among persons could consist of contracts, wrongful death suits, asset disputes, personal injury, and landlord tenant cases. Our firm specifically specifies in landlord and tenant law and personal injury law. 

Landlord and Tenant Law

Are you being evicted from your home? Is a tenant making claims against you that are simply untrue? if you're in the midst if a landlord/tenant dispute, Candice C.M. Tlustosch can help. Landlord and tenant disputes can quickly become cumbersome, expensive affairs. Our goal is to help resolve your matter fairly and, if necessary, fight to ensure that you're compensated for any losses. Tlustosch Law Office, LLC represents local tenants, landlaords, and property owners (both residential and commercial) in disputes related to evictions, security deposits, and more.Protect yourself from the unscrupulous activities of a tenant or a landlord. Let use provide you with the aggressive representation you need to put the matter to rest once and for all. 

Personal Injury Law

At our firm, we're happy to offer the services of a personal injury lawyer to anyone who might require them in La Crosse. We offer flexible appointment availability 5 days a week, and we strive to advise our clients with respect to the laws in their jurisdiction that are most relevant to them. If you believe the negligence of another contributed to your injury, allow us to review your case and see what we might do for you. 

Candice C.M. Tlustosch takes a practical approach to clients' issues. We'll thoroughly document the nature and circumstances of your injury in order to establish how it's affecting your daily life. We may be able to build a strong case to use as part of our advocacy for you to receive compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and improve your well-being however we can. 

Civil Litigation Process

  • Initial Investigation
  •  Drafting Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Possible Settlement
  • Trial
  • Appeal if Needed

Civil cases mostly ends in settlements about 97% of cases do meaning only 3% are taken to trial. Meaning the likelihood of an agreement being reached between the two parties is fairly high. Retaining an attorney to help you in the process will ensure you the legal knowledge you need to fight a contact dispute, property disputes, or personal injury case. 

Civil litigation can be a long and difficult process so hiring a lawyer to help you navigate this process might be the solution for you. Feel free to contact Tlustosch Law Office, LLC to help you through these difficult times at 608-571-6176. Call today to schedule your consultation. 

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