Traffic defense ranges from simple speeding violations to OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) charges.  Most traffic violations affect both your wallet and your drivers license, and likely your insurance as well.  It may be well worth hiring an attorney to defend or negotiate a reduction in a traffic ticket if you want to reduce the points on your license or mitigate the possible effect t on your insurance.

While Wisconsin still considers your first OWI violation a civil offense, second and subsequent offenses quickly rack up hefty fines and mandatory jail time.  That's why it's important to make sure you consult an attorney and explore your defenses even on the first offense.  Offenders frequently plead to their first offense to get it over with quickly, pay the fine, and say "never again."  But "never" is a very long time, and not a risk worth taking if you don't want to find yourself facing the steep consequences of a second offense, especially since "intoxicated" includes the influence of prescription medication which can affect your ability to drive even if taken as directed. 

Traffic defense is both varied and nuanced, and it's important to protect your rights and preserve any available evidence early on in the process.  Call an attorney immediately after your offense, as deadlines begin to pass quickly. 

Candice C.M. Tlustosch actively handles traffic matters in Monroe County, La Crosse County, and Vernon County.